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How are you all?

Hello, how are you all doing?  It has been a pretty crazy few  months has it not?  The year started off super busy with 10 aircraft being sold in the first few months and then into the many shows that were booked for the year.  First two went great, but the first day of the big Edmonton Sports show we were shut down and sent home.  I decided to self quarantine for 14 days after coming back from that show as I had been around so many people in the previous few weeks.  I have been working from home, but still keeping very busy.  We slowed down with sales, but still managed to move half a dozen aircraft and have several pending currently.  I am back in the office now, but I did enjoy being at home as it is not often that I am, so was a nice change.  Still worked long days, but was able to do it in my own home. 

We have some really great listings currently, and I will have about 4 more up over the next week or so.  The border shut downs are slowing things a bit for aircraft going South, but we are able to work around that when need be. 

With all the shows and conferences cancelled for the year, we have lots of time to focus on Aircraft Sales and Acquisitions, give me a call if you need anything done.  With my Vtail Bonanza and amazing pilot Christian, I am able to fly where I need to go and get there fast.  Watch for my next article in Aviation News Journal and I will share my story on the Vtail.  A labor of love?  Take care everyone, check out the aircraft for sale, call me if you  need anything.  Fly safe everyone!

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2020 update!!

Hello Everyone, how are things in 2020 for you all so far?  Things have been busy at Prairie, we just closed on the 9th aircraft for the year that found a new home so that has been great.  We have a few going to some interesting places like Korea and Estonia.  Very cool to be dealing with folks from all over the world.  In other exciting news we now have our V Tail flying and made our first trip up to a client last week.  Flew great, still have a few things to do but overall it is perfect for our needs.  It is a fast aircraft that will save a ton of driving. What with having such a great pilot to fly it for me makes things that much better.  Thank you Christian!  We are starting our Spring shows this coming weekend and will be on the road pretty much all of March and April.  It might take me a bit longer to respond at times as I will be really busy, so I ask for your patience and know that I will get back to you as quickly as possible.  Am really looking forward to all the shows coming up and seeing old friends and making new ones.  Check the Events page on the website to see where I will be over the next while.  Going to be a busy year and will fly by for sure 🙂 .  Thanks everyone, please call or send a note if you need anything or just to say hi.  Look forward to  hearing from you.  Bye for now. 

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October 2019 Update

Hi Everyone, happy fall!  For all of you in the Calgary area, how did you enjoy that lovely taste of winter we had on the weekend?  Hopefully we will have a few weeks of nice before it hits for the winter.  I ran in the Melissa race in Banff, and it was pretty cold before the run started.  Didn’t think I would ever warm up! 

Anyway on the Prairie things.  As some of you may already know we have had a change in the staffing, Mike Wilton has moved on to other things so is no longer involved in any way with Prairie Aircraft.  No worries on our side as things continue as normal and I was very fortunate to find a very special pilot (details to follow) who will be coming on board to fly where needed day or night and am very much looking forward to adventures ahead.  We will have an aircraft ready (getting a new prop) in a few weeks that will give us the opportunity to continue to visit our clients and go where needed as needed. 

We have a number of new listings coming up over the next few weeks, so keep an eye on the website for the great new aircraft available. 

We are working on our 2020 Calendar, we will be doing Customer aircraft again this year, so will be reaching out to all our 2019 customers to see if they would like to be a part of the 2020 Calendar. 

Thank you, and please call me anytime if you have any questions or I may assist you in anyway.  Fly safe everyone!

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Welcome to 2019!

2019, here we go!  We have started the year off busy with 3 sales in the first month.  2018 treated us well, we had a very busy year and the pleasure of dealing with many amazing clients  both buying and selling  aircraft.  Thank you to everyone who worked with us in 2018, we very much appreciate your business. 

We have some great listings right now, and they change on a regular basis so keep an eye on the listings on our website for the most current aircraft that we have for sale. 

We have been (mostly Mike) writing a regular article in the Aviation News Journal magazine.  If you have not had a chance to read them check them out in the magazine. They are online at

We did a number of Acquisitions in 2018 for a wide variety of aircraft.  If you are looking for a new aircraft and don’t have the time to go through all the searching and due diligence that buying an aircraft entails, give us a call and let us do the work for you. 

We sent out all our 2019 Calendars, went a different route this year and have had really good feedback.  We will be handing out the extra ones at the spring shows so stop by to see us if you would like one.  Our first show will be the Abbotsford Sports show, and then we will be at the Red Deer and Edmonton sports show. March will be a busy month.  Have a look at our Events Page to see the next few months of activities and where we will be. 

We look forward to seeing all of you at all our upcoming shows.  Have a great month everyone and please contact us if we can assist you in any way. 

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Blackhawk Engine Conversion

Hello Everyone, happy September!  Summer is over, back to the routine, Christmas is just around the corner J.  We had a great July and Aug and just wanted to fill you in on the activities of Prairie over the summer.

Do you have a turbine engine that is getting close to overhaul?  Have you considered the Blackhawk Engine conversions?  For Beech King Air, Cessna Caravans, Conquest, or the Piper Cheyenne, the Blackhawk conversion is an amazing upgrade.  Props close to overhaul?  Want to add some options to your King Air?  Give us a call, we have all the mods for you.  Have a looks at what is available on our website under the Blackhawk tab

In July we attended the Ag In Motion Show in Saskatoon.  It was a great show, and a very hot one.  Weather was perfect for the show and enjoyed our time in Saskatoon as always when in Saskatchewan.  We ran into lots of folks we know and met many more as we always do at our trade show events.  Looking forward to next year!

We had some great sales over the summer from small singles to some very nice Twins.  We have a great variety on our website at the moment, so have a look if you are looking for any aircraft.  We are always looking for more listings, so if you have been thinking of selling your aircraft or even if you would like an appraisal done to determine the value, give us a call. 

Mike had been flying his Mooney and really enjoying it.  I have not been it the aircraft with him but am sure to be very soon, right Mike? 

We have the Saskatchewan Aviation Conference (SAC) coming up in October in Saskatoon, as well as ATAC in November in Vancouver.  That will be the last of the shows for 2018 until Feb 2019 when they start up again.


Please feel free to forward any comments questions or concerns you may have for us. We are always open to hear from you.  Have a great September everyone! 

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Prairie Aircraft Spring News!

Hello everyone, just an update on the activity of PASL for the last few months since our last post.  We have been having a great time, working hard, keeping busy and selling aircraft.  Since our last update in April we went up to Whitehorse for the NATA conference as well as  to the Fort McMurray Gun Show.  They were both great, met new folks and reconnected with others. The Month of June we attended the Global Petroleum Show here in Calgary while Mike went to the COPA convention out East.  Coming up we will be attending the Ag in Motion show in Saskatoon. It is our first time at this show so really looking forward to it.

There was a nice Open House here at the Springbank Airport on June 9th.  Well attended and showcased the amazing variety of aircraft based at this airport as well as a  number of other business.  There was all the coffee and doughnuts you could possibly want as well as really good hamburgers and hotdogs from the folks at the Cav-Ok Gril who are situated in the Calgary Flying Club building.  SAPBA worked very hard to organize the event and did a great job!

We have a great selection of pre-owned aircraft for sale, so have a look at the website for the current listings. We do have a number of great float aircraft; get on the water this summer. If you don’t have a float rating, book a weekend and get it added to your licence. It is that easy.

Mike did a great article on Avionics in the last issue of Aviation News journal, have a read and feel free to call us with any questions.

We have been super busy with some big Acquisitions we are doing for several clients.  Some aircraft are getting harder to find so we do need to keep on top of the current market for our clients.  If you are having trouble finding what you need, we are happy to work with you.

We have some great new features from Blackhawk Modifications so have a look at all the info on our webpage. This company really knows how to upgrade and improve aircraft performance.  Call us for details or any questions you may have.  We will provide you with quotes to upgrade your aircraft to be the performer you want.

Have a great rest of the summer everyone, we will update you in the next few months and look forward to a great summer!  Please feel free to share any questions, comments, good or bad, we love feedback.

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PASL Update

Hello everyone,

It has been so long since we shared with you I am not sure even where to start. I believe the last time was our fall of 2017 newsletter. We will be sending out another newsletter hopefully in the next 30 days or so, time permitting.

Things are going great at PASL these days, we are super busy and having a great time doing it. There has been much travel, just in the month of March included trips to Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Red Deer, and Edmonton to name a few.

We attended the Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, and Abbotsford Boat and Sportsman shows. Was great to see all the regulars as well as meet lots of new folks as we do each year.

We have started writing a regular article in the Aviation News Journal Magazine. This comes out every two months and we will do our best to share our knowledge on subjects that we feel will benefit our existing clients as well as our future clients. Check out the link here and let us know if you enjoy our articles or if you have suggestions of what you would like us to write about.  We are always open to ideas!

Michael Wilton has been with us now in sales for just over two years and doing a great job. Mikes knowledge and love of flying really carries forward when dealing with clients and I am very grateful to have him as part of the Prairie team.

We are adding a few more events this year that we will be attending so hoping to meet more folks and widen our network.

We have acquired a few contracts that will keep us pretty busy for the next several months that we are very excited about working with some really amazing folks that have been a real pleasure to know.

As with everyone we are really wondering if summer or even spring for that matter is ever going to come, as it is April 12th and it is snowing very heavily outside as I write this. What?????

We will be heading up to Whitehorse for the NATA conference later this month then off to Fort McMurray in May for a trade show there. In June we have the Global Petroleum show and Mike will be attending the COPA show out East. July we are heading to the AG show in Saskatoon, with a few more after that.

Remember folks, if you are looking at doing any upgrades in engines, props, making your King Air better with Raisbeck mods, call us, we are very proud to be a Blackhawk dealer and look forward to working with you on any upgrades you may need.  The Blackhawk group really know customer service and product and provide amazing products to make your flying better!

I will leave it there for now, just wanted to touch base and will get out a newsletter with more detail soon. Thank you everyone!