How are you all?

Hello, how are you all doing?  It has been a pretty crazy few  months has it not?  The year started off super busy with 10 aircraft being sold in the first few months and then into the many shows that were booked for the year.  First two went great, but the first day of the big Edmonton Sports show we were shut down and sent home.  I decided to self quarantine for 14 days after coming back from that show as I had been around so many people in the previous few weeks.  I have been working from home, but still keeping very busy.  We slowed down with sales, but still managed to move half a dozen aircraft and have several pending currently.  I am back in the office now, but I did enjoy being at home as it is not often that I am, so was a nice change.  Still worked long days, but was able to do it in my own home. 

We have some really great listings currently, and I will have about 4 more up over the next week or so.  The border shut downs are slowing things a bit for aircraft going South, but we are able to work around that when need be. 

With all the shows and conferences cancelled for the year, we have lots of time to focus on Aircraft Sales and Acquisitions, give me a call if you need anything done.  With my Vtail Bonanza and amazing pilot Christian, I am able to fly where I need to go and get there fast.  Watch for my next article in Aviation News Journal and I will share my story on the Vtail.  A labor of love?  Take care everyone, check out the aircraft for sale, call me if you  need anything.  Fly safe everyone!