Blackhawk Engine Conversion

Hello Everyone, happy September!  Summer is over, back to the routine, Christmas is just around the corner J.  We had a great July and Aug and just wanted to fill you in on the activities of Prairie over the summer.

Do you have a turbine engine that is getting close to overhaul?  Have you considered the Blackhawk Engine conversions?  For Beech King Air, Cessna Caravans, Conquest, or the Piper Cheyenne, the Blackhawk conversion is an amazing upgrade.  Props close to overhaul?  Want to add some options to your King Air?  Give us a call, we have all the mods for you.  Have a looks at what is available on our website under the Blackhawk tab

In July we attended the Ag In Motion Show in Saskatoon.  It was a great show, and a very hot one.  Weather was perfect for the show and enjoyed our time in Saskatoon as always when in Saskatchewan.  We ran into lots of folks we know and met many more as we always do at our trade show events.  Looking forward to next year!

We had some great sales over the summer from small singles to some very nice Twins.  We have a great variety on our website at the moment, so have a look if you are looking for any aircraft.  We are always looking for more listings, so if you have been thinking of selling your aircraft or even if you would like an appraisal done to determine the value, give us a call. 

Mike had been flying his Mooney and really enjoying it.  I have not been it the aircraft with him but am sure to be very soon, right Mike? 

We have the Saskatchewan Aviation Conference (SAC) coming up in October in Saskatoon, as well as ATAC in November in Vancouver.  That will be the last of the shows for 2018 until Feb 2019 when they start up again.


Please feel free to forward any comments questions or concerns you may have for us. We are always open to hear from you.  Have a great September everyone!