2020 update!!

Hello Everyone, how are things in 2020 for you all so far?  Things have been busy at Prairie, we just closed on the 9th aircraft for the year that found a new home so that has been great.  We have a few going to some interesting places like Korea and Estonia.  Very cool to be dealing with folks from all over the world.  In other exciting news we now have our V Tail flying and made our first trip up to a client last week.  Flew great, still have a few things to do but overall it is perfect for our needs.  It is a fast aircraft that will save a ton of driving. What with having such a great pilot to fly it for me makes things that much better.  Thank you Christian!  We are starting our Spring shows this coming weekend and will be on the road pretty much all of March and April.  It might take me a bit longer to respond at times as I will be really busy, so I ask for your patience and know that I will get back to you as quickly as possible.  Am really looking forward to all the shows coming up and seeing old friends and making new ones.  Check the Events page on the website to see where I will be over the next while.  Going to be a busy year and will fly by for sure 🙂 .  Thanks everyone, please call or send a note if you need anything or just to say hi.  Look forward to  hearing from you.  Bye for now.